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Bare Essence Androstenol for Women
  Bare Essence Androstenol for Women is a pheromone-based fragrance. Pheromones are nature's sex signals. While people may not consciously notice this fragrance, they cannot help but to be affected by it. Bare Essence has a light yet provocative fragrance, and uses pheromones to make you irresistible.

Use Bare Essence pheromone-based fragrance to draw admirers to you like bees to a flower! Bare Essence comes in a 10ml roll-on tube, complete with a red velvet carrying case.


Beaux Gest Androstenone for Men
  Pheromone-based Beaux Geste Androstenone for Men has a subltle scent that is irresistible. It is widely believed that phermomones (Androstenone is the male pheromone) attract the opposite sex. By using Beaux Geste Androstenone, you will gain an unfair advantage. These pheromones are a powerful weapon! Beaux Geste has a warm, but distinctly masculine fragrance. This pheromone for men will light her fire for you!


Pure Instincts
  A generous blend of pheromones and essential oils - Pure Instinct is a gender friendly fragrance, formulated to stimulate sexual appeal. Reacting to the individual who wears it, t is subtlely (or dramatically) different on each person, and will change through the day as it reacts to your specific body chemistry. It is said to elevate confidence, enhance moods and awaken the senses - wear daily or add it to your bathwater to discover its effect on you!
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