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Glyde Dam
  For years people wishing to practice safe cunnilingus and analingus would use all manner of DIY barriers, cutting and shaping male condoms, buying thick dental surgery dams, or simply looking around the kitchen for some cling wrap in a pinch. Glyde Dams were developed in response to this need for better and safer options for those responsible, handy people, and in 1993 the Australian company debuted their product, the first dam intended specifically for sexual use. Today, though many other companies have begun to sell their own version of the sexual dam, the original Sheer Glyde Dams remain the only variety that are 100% FDA, European CE, and Standards Australia approved. Sheer Glyde Dams are 25cm x 15 cm of silky soft and stretchy latex, and are currently available in Vanilla, Wildberry, and Strawberry flavours.


Kimono Maxx Condom Flare
  The first of the larger shaped condoms, Kimono MAXX offers many consumers a better love making experience through extra head room, more length and added strength. Made for those who desire greater comfort.

Available in singles.


Kimono Microthin Aqualube Condom
  This condom comes with all the proven benefits of the Kimono MicroThin Condom, with the added perk of being one of the few condoms on the market lubricated with water-based lubricant, in this case, Kimono's signature AquaLube. This means that this condom is safe to use in conjunction with any of your silicone toys!

Available in singles, packs of 3, and packs of 12.


Kimono Microthin Condom
  Kimono MicroThin is the thinnest latex condom in the US. An average 27% thinner than your typical condoms with giving up any of the strength. Featuring a straight-sided shape that makes donning easier, Kimono MicroThin Ultra Thin provides the most natural experience; couples say it feels like wearing nothing at all.

Available in singles, packs of 3, and packs of 12.


Kimono Microthin Large Condom
  This larger version of Kimono's signature MicroThin condom has added space in the head of the condom as well as more length than the original. A secure fitting base helps to keep the condom in place, a boon to both comfort and safety. Despite the additions, the MicroThin Large is just as thin as the original, making this the thinnest large-sized condom in North America. Lubricated with a high quality silicone lubricant, these condoms are completely body safe- but we wouldn't reccomend using then on or near your silicone toys.

Available in singles, packs of 3, and packs of 12.


Kimono Microthin Textured Condom
  A condom that combines thinness with a dual texture design. Kimono Textured features row after row of raised Sensi-Dots® and ribs. This extra texturing on an exceptionally thin condom adds new tingling and exciting feelings for both partners.

Available in singles, packs of 3, and packs of 12.


Kimono Microthin Variety pack
  The MicroThin Sheer Variety Pack contains 4 styles of condom, each designed for sheer sensation and ultimate pleasure- significantly thinner than the competition, the MicroThin original, MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube, MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots and MicroThin Large all offer maximum transparency and superior sensitivity. All Kimono condoms exceed US and international standards for strength and reliability. They're designed for the discriminating user, and are backed by 50 years of condom manufacturing experience.


LifeStyles Skyn
  New SKYN® Condoms deliver ultimate sensitivity in a breakthrough polyisoprene non-latex material. Clinically proven to enhance sensation. Soft and flexible for a more pleasurable and ergonomic fit. Natural color and low latex scent. Convenient 3, 12 . pack.
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No Phthalates, Body Safe
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