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Product Detailed Description

D3 HC Honeycomb Limited Rubber Edge Single Slalom Trick Ski

1 only 40 inch HC LTD available for $699, without rear inserts.

The H/C Limited has been designed for the most demanding trick competitors in the world. An aerospace aluminum honeycomb core is used to deliver incredible strength and unsurpassed sensitivity and feel. The H/C is the perfect trick ski design for the toe and hand passes. The H/C delivers a unique blend of stability and explosive energy. Lighter than the CX or the XT, the H/C is an excellent solution for those who focus on body-over and toe step-over tricks. The H/C's amazing light weight and powerful rebound make it a must for the serious competitor. New for the H/C honeycomb is available with machine screw inserts for the front foot. The same insert pattern available on the World Record Custom X is now standard on the new H/C. Binding position plays such an important role in the set-up of a trick ski. Now it is easy to experiment with the binding position to insure proper placement before mounting the rear toe plate.

- Special order custom widths also available
- Aerospace quality aluminum honeycomb core.
- Three stage progressive rocker.
- Extended flat spot.
- 1.1" tip and tail rocker (varies slightly depending on size).
- Molded grooves
- Machine screw inserts with flanged top for bindings.
- Structural aluminum rear screw retention plate.

Available with machine screw inserts to accommodate current D3, HO and Wiley front binding plates.
Most of the top trick skiers in the world make the D3 H/C Rubber Edge Trick their trick of choice.

Available Sizes
39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44", 45"

Recommended weight ranges for H/C Trick

Size width Weight
39" 10 7/8" up to 80
40" 11" 70 - 100
41" 11 1/8" 100 - 130
42" 11 1/4" 130 - 160
43" 11 3/8" 160 - 190
44" 11 1/2" 190 - 215
45" 11 5/8" 215 and up
Ability level can affect size recommendations
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