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Radar TRA kids Slalom with Lyric & RTP Setup


When it came time to design a kid's specific ski, Radar wanted to make something that would have youngsters begging to ski more often! By utilizing the Senate shape with a kidís specific flex Radar created a ski that is easy to turn and efficient through the wakes. In designing this way, it's easy for juniors to progress at a rapid rate; leaving them with a smile on their face and the desire to ski every day.

The TRA's ability to carry speed is unmatched in the industry. This speed allows the skier to maintain width on the boat ultimately giving a sense of freedom sought after by those that ski in the course as well as those ripping open water turns. By taking the Vapor shape and adding two tenths of an inch in extra width Radar have created a stable riding platform. This platform creates the balance needed for a skier to feel at home, while the profile of the ski allows you to feel the speed and angle sought after at any level.

All-Terrain Core - most forgiving construction
Junior Skier Flex Pattern - efficient turning for ripping groms
100% Carbon Laminates - consistent flex every time
Tournament Performance - maximized speed and balanced turns

The unique straight lines allow the ski to be the fastest on the market. The lack of outside radius decreases drag and lets the ski flow with ease from side to side. In turn, you're getting more cross course speed than any other ski on the market.

Starting the tip rocker directly at the end of the flat spot gives the ski more fluidity and makes the transition from turning to pulling seamless. More rocker in the tip helps the finish of the turn happen more quickly and with more stability.

The flat spot is your balance point, by making this point right at the toes of your front foot you get a balanced place to stand at every single turn. This balance allows you to stand with confidence and make symmetrical turns on both sides of the course.

Rocker defines the pivot point on a ski; Radar moved that contact point closer to the ball of your front foot, which helps the ski pivot easier. The tight radius quick turns are then balanced with new tail rocker lines that add tail support off the buoy, giving you the ability to build more speed from a wider point.

At two tenths of an inch wider than the Vapor, the width of the Senate allows the ski to roll on edge at a moderate level. This width allows a skier to progress with ease as they instantly feel the balance and control of the bigger riding platform.

Available Sizes: 63" (up to 130 lbs) , 65" (up to 150 lbs)

RADAR LYRIC SLALOM SKI BOOT - A mainstay in Radar's line, this everyday charger has been enhanced for 2020. Built for the skier seeking all day comfort without yielding on performance. A lightweight and ultra-comfortable platform allows you to forget about your feet and focus on the ride.

Feather Frame Chassis
Molded 3D Tongue
Double Lacing
Symmetrical Fit
PVC Free Construction

The Feather-Frame Chassis stands on a pedestal as the only boot system to completely integrate the mounting system, baseplate and outer shell into a single component.

Wrap Tech fuses the external skeleton of the boot to the base textile layer which gives the boot the ability to conform to the shape of your foot, in turn giving you more response.

Sizes: Small (5-8) Standard (7-11) XLarge (10-14)

Radar Adjust RTP

Built to fit any size foot, the ARTP offers the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance. Top side laces give you "set it and forget it" ease of use.

Independent Floating Tongue

Feather Frame Chassis

Contoured Footbed
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