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HO Omni Kids 63 inch w/ Freemax Front and Adjustable RTP

Available in 63 inch ski, boys and girls colours in stock - boot colour can vary black / pink and black / grey - call 1-866-955-0917 with questions

This ski was designed for the intermediate rider on a budget and is made of a traditional polyurethane fiberglass. This construction makes for a softer layup to help absorb chop in rougher water. The outline is a traditional arc from tip to tail along with a symmetrical concave on the bottom of the ski to make for easy turning and going edge to edge. This ski carries a competition ski shape; However, it is slightly wider from tip to tail in order to give the rider more stability when riding upright. The tail end features HO’s clean edge technology. This sharp bevel is designed to create less drag on the ski when on edge. Similarly, the entire bottom of the ski is covered in HO’s exclusive Speed Skin technology. Speed Skin was developed to break up the water tension under the ski for less drag. Finally, this 3-D fin was developed to mimic the design of an airplane wing by reducing tail end drag that is created from cutting through the water. The decrease in drag from the Clean Edge, Speed Skin, and 3-D fin technologies create less fatigue on the rider. The manufacturer rates this ski up to 34mph; However, due to the softer construction of this ski, we would not recommend this ski to go over 32mph. The HO Omni comes packaged with the FreeMAX waterski binding, an open toe boot designed to fit multiple shoe sizes.


Hybrid Width

Clean Edge 3.0 Tail

Continuous Rockerline

Deep Concave

SpeedSkin Base

Traditional Construction


Speed range up to 32mph

63”………………..up to 130 lbs
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