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2016 Radar Total Awesomeness Boys & Girls Slalom Waterski Blank

Senates have a flowing design. The end of the flat spot connects to a single rocker radius, determining tip height and defining tip rocker. This smooth transition continuously rises out of the concave until it feathers out to the flat surface in the tip. In a turn approach, as the water break moves forward on the ski, a graduating amount of support meets your forward movement. The depth of concave (suction) infinitely fades into the flat surface of the tip (support), creating a ride that is unhindered by tip bite or erratic speed breaks. This geometry also allows for smooth water flow entering the concave for a consistent ride. A perfect amount of tip height was met to help with rough water conditions and easy wake crossings.

More effective edge on the water all the time equals more stability and consistency. Additional surface area- a water-flow efficient side cut was engineered by reducing the rate at which the ski tapers in front of and behind the widest point of the ski, eliminating an extreme pivot point, Ultimately increasing the amount of effective edge ridden at all times. By creating a side cut with more parallel lines, the ski gains an immense amount of tip-to-tail support lending its rider the ability to leverage forward against the tip or to move their body back into a proper turning position with less up-and-down movement from the ski in the water.

5 Speed Rail
The first bevel designed with the benefit of both sharp and round bevels. The Vapor's new multi-faceted 5 radius rail configuration is the first of its kind, capitalizing on the benefit of both sharp and round bevel designs. This was achieved by creating a bevel with many small radii. The resulting rail is faster and more stable than its predecessors.

Soft Attributes
The multitude of smaller sharper radii that make up the rail design allow the ski to react like a round bevelled ski, with more places for the skier to stand, smooth transitions from edge-to-edge and balanced turn-ability, with a tail that's free in the water for maximum rotation, equalling less body movement to get the ski to turn.

Sharper Perspective
Multiple sharp radii increase edge hold and maximize angle while reducing drag for amplified speed. The multiple sharps also give supreme confidence that the bevel will support at full extension, providing hold while the ski is rolled into extreme edge.

TRA Kid's Water Ski
We did it for the Kids! Cutting a 63" Senate was a no brainer for our design team. The result has youngsters excelling from early skills through slalom course skiing way before they need another ski. We were so stoked with the little ski's performance; we've added a 65" TRA for 2016!

Key Features:
- Glow-in-the-dark ink
- Aerocore
- Carbon enhanced
- Specific kid's scaling
- Recommended max speed 34mph
- RST (radiused stability turn) tail shape

Sizes: 63 inches

No charge professional fin tuning and binding set up included and backed by our Performance Guarantee

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