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Sky Ski - Learn to Hydrofoild Volume 3

Advanced Grabs, Tweaks & Skidders;

So you know how to jump and are working on inverts & grabs - lets see if you can add some advanced combos & style to your riding! Whether you are getting ready for competitions, or just wanting to turn heads, this is the video that will help you tweak out your riding. Pro Riders Ron Stack, Tony Klarich, Todd Kyser, Geno yauchler and others guide you through over 50 non-inverted tweaks and combos being done on the water. Multiple angles and slow motion video provide you with a clear understanding on how to perform those advanced non-inverted tricks. Includes a menu insert so that you can quickly find the tricks on the video.

Strut Grab
Method Floater
Jump to Skidder
Skinned Knee
Nose grab
Canyon Laker
Skater Dismount
Method Grab
Rocking Horse
Skidder Floater
Cross Rocket
Lazyboy Spinner
Swinging Door
The Crank
Reach Around
Body Slide
Tail Grab Skidder
Tail Grab Floater
Mac Thruster
No Hand Landings
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