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Sky Ski - Learn to Hydrofoild Volume 4

Extreme Tricks;

Extreme Tricks is not for the average foil rider - this video puts you in an elite group of riders who have considerable experience! This instructional video follows Pro Riders working through their most advanced tricks, and giving away their hard earned secret. Detailed instructions and advice from Todd Kyser, Tony Klarich, Geno yauchler, Kevin Thayer, Trevor Sudweeks, and others can help you learn to ride out those extreme hydrofoil tricks. Muliple angles and slow motion video will help you understand how 50 inverted tweaks and combos are performed. If inverts are second nature for you, the combos & tweaks explained here are for you!

Front Flip Floater
Gainer to Jump
Gainer Floater
Skid Roll
Gainer to Heli
Colonel Sanders
Jump to Heli
Ying Yang
Gainer to Roll
Multiple Rolls
Flying Dutchman
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