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Gamma Photon Indoor Pickleball

The brightest and most durable pickleball available, the GAMMA PHOTON is engineered for true flight, consistent bounce and long-lasting play. When creating the Photon, we kept so many different aspects of the game in mind. From velocity to floor surface to color and all the way to aerodynamics, this pickleball covers all of the bases and then some. However, when you take a closer look and understand the thought process and engineering behind this pickleball, you'll understand it's not like the others. In fact, it's much different than the other pickleballs on the market. Here's a quick rundown of the ins and outs of our Photon Indoor Pickleball and what makes it different

USAPA-approved - First and foremost, our Photon ball is USAPA-approved for sanctioned tournament play. As we all know, we tend to get comfortable with a certain type of pickleball only to realize we'll have to switch and play with another ball at a tournament.

26 precision-molded holes - One word: aerodynamics. The design of our pickleball creates a consistent, stable, and accurate ball flight to help you land the perfect shot.

High-vis color - We didn't pick the high-vis optic green color of our ball to be flashy (although it is a nice color). We picked it because it provides players with clear visibility and easy tracking so you lessen your chances of a mishit.

Two-piece construction - Playability is a major factor in success on the court and the two-piece construction of the Photon provides a true, consistent bounce on all types of indoor surfaces.

Color - Neon Green

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