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Retail Price $1995.00

Product Detailed Description

Comptech Pivoting Hydrofoil Rack

Please note If we have to order something in from the US, there will likely be a shipping charge. These racks are priced to order and we take the current US/CAD conversion into account when quoting

One of the most difficult things about owning a hydrofoil is finding a place to store it while in the boat. There is a good solution though, that is the Comptech Pivoting Hydrofoil Rack. The Pivoting Hydrofoil Rack mounts on the rear vertical leg of your tower and will hold any model Sky Ski securely by the board and foil. This is no ordinary tower rack though, it is a rack built specifically for the extra weight and special needs of a hydrofoil. And the pivoting feature makes it easy to load and unload for everyone. The rack locks open too, so it won't push away from you as you're trying load or unload the hydrofoil. The mounting system on this rack is versatile enough to mount on any angle, so even if the rear leg isn't vertical, (or maybe you'd rather mount the rack on the horizontal cross member) it's not a problem at all.

Details :
- Designed specifically for Hydrofoils
- Single Mount point to Tower
- Angle of mount is infinitely adjustable
- Rack secures both the board and the foil
- Arms can be mounted on faceplate so ski faces forward or backward
- Rack locks open & closed for stable loading & unloading
- Ski can be locked into rack with small padlock (not included)
- Heavy duty hinge won't wear out or sag, ever
- No Maintenance Brushed Finish
- Mount adapters are made in all sizes, please specify which size you need

A size specific adapter bracket to mount to the tower is included at this price but we must know the tower diameter and whether it will be mounted on the left (passenger) or right (driver) side of the boat. Please call 1-866-955-0917 before you order to confirm the correct size of adapter bracket

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