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Product Detailed Description

Ronix Prequel Wakeboard Handle - Envoy/North

A messenger or representative - one on a diplomatic mission. Also the creator of one of the finest narrower diameter T6 aluminum aircraft dowel, hide grip, Holland/Japan strung, spinning assault weapons of the war masterpieces.

Envoy Details:
- Hide grip with 3mm foam (Envoy)
- 1.15" handle diameter (Envoy)
- Strung with 12-strand Japan/Holland Dyneema rope (stronger and smaller diameter) (Envoy)

The original soft grip Hide material design. This outer material has a softer feel and when wet - it's as tacky as this next sentence. Don't worry vegans it isn't really made out of our friends down at the farm. Testing in the Ronix lab at a breaking point of 1700 pounds - the framework of this aluminum bar handle has all of the strength of the others. Designed for riders that don't need the performance advantages of an anti roll system on handle passes. Underneath this grip is a memory material that will actually form to your fingers when you snatch it.

North Details:
- Hide grip with 5mm foam (North)
- Handle is strung with 100% Dyneema fiber 16-strand rope (North)

Features shared by both handles
- T6 aluminum aircraft dowel
- Filled inside with EVA for flotation
- Thin gauged vinyl tubing
- 6" finger protector end caps

If it matters to you, please specify which handle you prefer when ordering.
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