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O'Brien Inflatable Simple Trainer

O'Brien's Simple Trainer is ideal for getting the youngest of potential skiers having fun behind the boat. It does not really teach them how to ski but is a fantastic confidence builder, when it comes to being behind the boat alone. Something that can be dow right scary for a 3 or 4 year old. We're often asked "when can we start them?" Well, with the Simple Trainer and EZ Skis, you can pretty much start the little ones as soon as they can walk.

The simple trainer offers almost guaranteed success. It's soft and cushy and just plain friendly-looking. Additionally, the inflatable seat on the back gives your child a great perch when the trainers are moving. The comfortable strirrups are on an inflated floor that absorbs the bumps. It comes complete with two ropes, one for the child and a tow rope for an adult to hold on the boat. This trainer will plane off with almost any movement at all (even running speeds on the beach) and the max speed is a very rider-friendly 8 mph. Best of all, when you're done using it, just let the air out and put it away. It can also serve as something to play on close to shore. Make skiing a family affair. The Simple Trainer will get your child involved in the sport you already love.

Please note: When using the supplied, double handled rope, never attach the rope to the boat. Just have someone in the boat hold the boat end handle and be sure to let go if your young skier falls.
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