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Product Detailed Description

O'Brien Inflatable Simple Trainer

There are few joys in life that rival teaching your kids to ski. The inflatable Simple Trainer will get your child started the easy way in the sport you already love. It's soft and cushy, and just plain friendly-looking. Additionally, the inflated seat gives your child a comfy perch to stand up from. The cozy stirrups are on an inflated floor that absorbs the wakes. It comes complete with two ropes, one for the child and one for an adult to hold onto from the boat. This trainer will plane off with virtually any movement (even pulling while running along the beach) and the max speed is a very rider-friendly 8 mph. When you're done using it, just let the air out and put it away. The Simple Trainer makes teaching the kids to ski nearly automatic. Simple!

Inflatable Combo Trainer

Trainer Rope w/ Handle

Weight Range Up To 85 lbs

Please note: When using the supplied, double handled rope, never attach the rope to the boat. Just have someone in the boat hold the boat end handle and be sure to let go if your young skier falls.
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