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Product Detailed Description

EZ SKI Trainer

Heading for the lake but dreading the task of teaching another young skier? Don't! EZ Ski takes the fear and frustration out of teaching new young skiers and replaces it with Fun! Young skiers will look forward to the immediate success possible on the EZ Ski. No more fighting with buoyant water skis and ski skimmers, binding, boat wakes or ropes! Your child will board the EZ Ski right from the swim step of your boat. The boat observer holds the handle from one end of the 40' rope and the child holds the single handle attached to the EZ Ski. If the child falls the observer simply lets go of the handle and the EZ Ski stays with the child. EZ Ski supports children up to 70 lbs., is easy to re-board in the water and is very stable while towing (10 mph maximum).

EZ Ski teaches basic skiing fundamentals
-Proper stance
-Weight shift for turning
-Handle position

Unique Design
-Inflatable seat allows the child to start from a dry out-of-the-water seated position
-Built in wood ski skimmer with bindings attached
-Buoyant for easy re-boarding
-No hard edges
-Wide platform for stability
-By never connecting the tow rope to the boat the observer and child work together for success
-Easy storage when not in use

-Children board from the swim step
-No fighting with skis or rope in the water
-Easy to re-board from in the water
-Immediate success possible for most beginners
-Builds confidence
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