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Product Detailed Description

HO Elite Deep V Easy Start Waterski and Hydrofoil Handle

Deep-V design for easy starts on Sky Ski, HydroFoil and first time Slalom Skiers!

Wakeboard style soft grip

Coated rope

Aluminum Handle Core

The 15 inch Elite Deep V is the perfect tool for teaching first time single ski starts and is also a favorite for Sky Skis and Air Chairs. The extra long bridle of the handle is slipped over the tip of your ski. Once the boat starts moving the bridle of the handle is pulled tight to either side of your ski which makes it extremely easy to get up out of the water without having to worry about your ski falling to the side! The soft fabric grip makes hanging on comfortable and easy while the aluminium handle core promises durability for many years to come.

Shuswap Ski & Board Review
Mike has been using Deep-V or "Easy Start handles" to teach single ski starts for 25 plus years and would not leave the dock without one in the boat. He also recommends against using these handles when teaching 2 ski starts as they tend to cause a few issues.
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