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Product Detailed Description

OBrien X-Scream 96 inch - 4 Person Tube

The O'Brien X-Scream generates tons of screams and even more laughter while up to four riders get whipped out and bounced around to their heart's content. The flat deck makes it comfortable to lay or kneel on, especially with the two EVA pads underneath their arms and body. The 8 handles with EVA knuckle guards allow the riders to modify their position on the tube to handle any upcoming challenges that the driver musters up. So if you are looking for a four-rider deck tube that provides tons of fun for family and friends, you can't go wrong with the O'Brien X-Scream.

Want a wild ride? Buy two and play bumper tubes - ALWAYS make sure you have the same length rope for both tubes and wear a helmet!!!

This O'Brien towable boat tube has a maximum capacity of 4 person (up to 680 lbs)

Use a tensile strength tow rope of 4,100 lbs


Colour shipped may vary from website photo

96" size

3 Rider or 510 lbs

30 Gauge Bladder

Fully Covered 840D Nylon Cover

8 Handles W/ EVA Knuckle Gaurds

2 EVA Pads

Quick Connect Tow Hook

Lightning Valve
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