Melaleuca Melasoft Liquid Fabric Softener 96 Load Spring Breeze Scent

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MelaBrite 6x Colour Safe Brightener 96 load (Pump sold separately)
Wearing new clothes, with their bright colors and crisp fabrics, is always a thrill. But a few washes later, those clothes can look duller and fuzzier. Talk about a disappointment. That shirt that was once the star of the show is now a faded, feeble thing in the back of the closet.

Not so with MelaBrite 6x color-safe brightener. Now clothes stay looking new longer. That bright red soccer jersey still draws attention. School clothes you bought in September can still look new in April.You spend less on replacing old, fuzzy, pilled clothing. And above all, you have a certain peace of mind knowing you've brought no chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals into your home. Wondering how MelaBrite 6x can do all that for you? Here's how:

A TRUE Color-Safe Formula
Even some leading “color-safe” bleaches fade and wear out your clothes. Not MelaBrite. Even after 25 days of soaking in pure MelaBrite 6x, this wool sock is still as brilliant as ever. Clorox® 2 faded and deteriorated the sock. Chlorine bleach dissolved the sock completely!

No Chlorine Bleach
It's a popular way to brighten clothes and keep odors at bay. In fact, almost 250 million gallons of chlorine bleach are sold in the U.S. every year. But chlorine bleach takes its toll in your home and on your clothes. It eats away at fabric, wearing it out fast. And Poison Control Centers receive more calls about chlorine bleach than about any other household cleaning product. With no chlorine bleach, MelaBrite 6x is safer for your home and won't wear out your clothes.

As Gentle to Clothes as Tap Water
Other laundry brighteners might need to be fairly high alkaline to do their job. MelaBrite 6x does not. Its pH-neutral formula is as gentle on clothes as tap water.

More Brightening Power with Less Water
Let the washing machine add the water for you. MelaBrite 6x is ultra concentrated meaning it takes less water to make it and less energy to transport it.

MelaBrite 6x Saves You Money
It’s simple—with ultra-concentrated MelaBrite 6x, you pay less per load. See for yourself: just ½ fl. oz. of MelaBrite 6x is all you need for each load, and that’s 6-times less than the amount of Clorox® 2 you’d have to pour in. Each bottle of MelaBrite 6x does more loads than an equivalent-sized bottle of Clorox® 2. You can save up to $46† for the same number of loads of laundry, all while keeping your clothes looking like new.

*For best results follow wash instructions on label. Results may vary depending upon wash conditions.